Wolvertoon is a minor villain on Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the New Character Day episode segment, The Return of Pluck Twacy.


Wolvertoon is a deformed anthropomorphic gray rabbit with a huge horrible overbite and crooked teeth.


After Plucky, as Pluck Twacy, finds Shirley's Aura in a big mansion, she reveals to him the gang of crooks she joined up with, one of which is Wolvertoon. He doesn't do much in the episode, but it could be assumed that he was working with the other crooks, as they roar at Plucky as he tells them they are all under arrest.


  • Wolvertoon's appearance looks like a deformed Bob Clampett-style Bugs Bunny.
  • His name is a combination of Wolverine and what he is.
  • His design is a reference to artist Basil Wolverton, whom was known for his deformed and disgusting artwork.

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