Monty as Wex Wuthor (right)

Wex Wuthor is Montana Max's supervillain alter-ego. He is a Parody of DC Comics SuperVillain, Lex Luthor. He first appears in the episode Cinemaniacs! segment, SuperBabs then in New Class Day segment The Just-Us League of Supertoons.


He first appears in the Cinemaniacs episode segment, SuperBabs, when he creates a machine that reaches out from space and through the drawing paper, grabbing a bottle of ink from the table and pouring it on the drawing that has Acme Acres on it, so he could recreate it as WutherLand, only to be defeated by SuperBabs and be forced to clean up Acme Acres by using the white-out on a paint brush to erase the ink.

He appears again in the New Class Day episode segment, The Just-Us League of Supertoons, disguise as a valet driver, where he plans to steal the powers of the League with his super-power transfer belt. When he mistakenly thinks that BatDuck had superpowers and tries to drain him, he eventually realizes that BatDuck has no super powers himself, and is defeated.


  • Both Wex Wuthor and Lex Luthur has similar traits:
  1. Both of them are millionaires.
  2. Both of them are bald.
  3. Both are the arch-enemies of the leagues.

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