Tyrone the Turtle, as seen in Elmyra at the Mall.

Tyrone Turtle is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. animated television series, Tiny Toon Adventures. He is a minor character and rarely appears on the show. He is voiced by Edan Gross.


Tyrone the Turtle is based on Cecil Turtle, a minor Looney Tunes character. He is a sweet-natured, enthusiastic and slow-moving pet of Elmyra's, but he yearns to be freed from her clutches one day.

Appearances on the Show

Tyrone the Turtle is seen in the episodes, Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow, Hog-Wild Hamton, the Spring in Acme Acres episode segment, Elmyra's Spring Cleaning, the You Asked For It Again episode segment, Elmyra at the Mall, and his very own short, Turtle Hurdle, from the episode, The Wide World of Elmyra.

In the Season 1 episode, Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow, Tyrone has been a captive pet of Elmyra's his entire life and does not know what it is like to be free. Buster tells him, "It's sort of like this, except the trees aren't made of plastic," so Tyrone decides he would like to be free. Buster rescues him along with several other pets, including Fifi and Furrball. As they escape, Tyrone is slow to catch up. Elmyra is awakened by Furrball digging in a trash can and catches Tyrone. Buster rescues him, but ends up getting captured himself. Tyrone teams up with Babs, Fifi and Furrball to rescue Buster and teach Elmyra a lesson in pet care.

Tyrone is also terrified of Elmyra when she does her spring cleaning. In the Spring in Acme Acres episode segment, Elmyra's Spring Cleaning, Tyrone packs a suitcase and quickly darts out of his cage when Elmyra begins vacuuming her house with an over-powered vacuum cleaner.

In the Wide World of Elmyra episode segment, Turtle Hurdle, Tyrone escapes Elmyra's house to get back to his home at the pond, only to now have to contend with crossing a newly built expressway and dealing with a taunting Michigan J. Frog. He eventually manages to make it back to his pond, but Elmyra catches him. At first, she wants to take him home with her, but then she notices Michigan singing and decides to take him home instead.

In the You Asked For It Again episode segment, Elmyra at the Mall, Tyrone is at a pet store and trying to look "cute" for any possible future owners at Charlie Dog's request. However, Elmyra comes along which terrifies him as well as the rest of the animals in the pet store, so he hides inside his shell disguised as a pet rock.

In Hog-Wild Hamton, Tyrone is seen in a few brief scenes at a party with the other Tiny Toons at Hamton's house.


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