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Toxic Revenger

The Trash Bag Dispenser is one of two environmental  superhero alter-egos of Plucky Duck. he appears in the episode Pollution Solution segment No Deposit,No Return of the Trash Bag Dispenser.


The Trash Bag Dispenser costume is a yellow jumpsuit with red gloves,boots and a cape. he also wear a simple black mask.


He first appeared in No Deposit, No Return of the Trash Bag Dispenser, when Plucky is doing some spring cleaning in his swamp, when he notices that someone is littering the swamp and turned into the Trash Bag Dispenser to found out who was it, only to found out that it was non other then Elmyra Duff, who is feeding her  pets (who are tied up) mud pies from the cans and throwing them into the lake. After trying to get her attention, Trash Bag Dispenser then tried to convicer her to recycle her trash instead of throwing it away but she still doesn't understand till she told him that the only thing she listen to is Television. he then uses a cardboard television and a hand puppet named Mr. Science and teach her that it's up to everyone to recycle their garbage.competeing his mission.

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