The Toon Logic Extractor​ was a machine created by the Adults Against Funny Cartoons Chairperson. It appeared in the episode, Washingtoon.


The Toon Logic Extractor was designed to extract the Tooniness of all toons, turning them into dull and serious characters.

Toons Affected By The Toon Logic Extractor

The Wolverine

The Wolverine became sensitive to pain when affected by the machine, to the point where he could break character and speak normally instead of growling.

Calamity Coyote

When affected by the machine, Calamity got knocked out by a single banana peel.

Gogo Dodo

When affected by the machine, Gogo was turned into a slideshow presentator.

Elmyra Duff

When affected by the machine, Elmyra became a Proper pet caretaker (some would argue this was for the better).

Dizzy Devil

When affected by the machine, Dizzy became a health fanatic who could speak normally.

Hamton J. Pig

When affected by the machine, Hamton became a neat freak (not much was changed there).

Plucky Duck

Plucky's effects from the machine are unknown.

Buster Bunny

Buster's tooniness was so strong, it caused the machine to be destroyed, returning everyone's tooniness (although not all of them to their proper bodies).


  • Some fans think it would have been a better idea for Elmyra's tooniness to be extracted from her, as she would not hurt any more animals.

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