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Tiny Toon Adventures
Season 3, Episode 79
The Title Card
Air date September 14, 1992
Written by Sherri Stoner
Directed by Jon McClenahan
Gag credit The Character Of "Flint" Is In No Way Based on Flint Dille. Honest, Flint. No, Really...
End tag Buster: "Say goodnight, Babs."
Babs: "Goodnight, Babs."
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Take Elmyra Please
New Class Day

Thirteensomething is the first episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the 79th episode overall. It was written by Sherri Stoner and directed by Jon McClenahan. It was the first to air on Fox Kids instead of CBS on September 14, 1992.


It is near the end of the school day, while watching Wile E. Coyote demonstrate a cartoon trick involving a painted tunnel on the wall, Buster and Babs pass notes to each other agreeing to watch television together. After school ends, they both look forward to watching television with Plucky and Shirley. However, they soon find that they cannot agree on what to watch. Buster would rather watch football, while Babs prefers to watch the teen soap opera Thirteensomething. Plucky decides to have it decided through a coin toss, with heads being football and tails being Thirteensomething. When the coin lands, we transition to Buster and Plucky unwillingly watching Thirteensomething with the girls. Plucky reveals that the coin was double-sided, but did not remember which side was doubled. Babs then fantasizes about being on the show, but is discouraged when the show only allows humans to perform. Buster and Plucky then mock Babs for her television aspirations much to her indignation. Buster ultimately dares Babs to audition for the show, which she accepts. So she leaves Acme Acres, but Buster does not believe that Babs will get very far.

Babs catches a bus out of town, and is discouraged that everyone on the bus is boring and grumpy and not into sing-alongs or bus games. The next morning, Buster reads the paper and is surprised that Babs actually left for New York. He decides to attempt to find a replacement co-host for Tiny Toons.

Meanwhile, Babs finally gets to New York. She attempts to get directions for the studio, but the person she asks turns out to be Elmyra, who, naturally, chases Babs all over New York. Back in Acme Acres, Buster's search for Babs' replacement turns out to be futile as two candidates come and neither of them follow his audition script. Babs finally loses Elmyra in the traffic and reaches the studio. She takes on the guise of a human actress and changes her name to Babs Bunawalskioversmith. On the set, she nails her audition and is cast on the show. After another bad audition, Plucky informs Buster that Babs was just cast on Thirteensomething. Both Plucky and Shirley offer their service as Babs' replacement, but Buster admits that he misses her.

Babs becomes a worldwide sensation on Thirteensomething, which discourages Buster. However, Babs also begins to miss her life on Tiny Toons after seeing a clip of her former self being admired by the cast and crew. She decides to call Buster and tell him that her contract with the show is almost up and will be leaving. However, the studio has other ideas and decides to extend the contract, much to Babs and Buster's surprise.

So, Buster decides to give the set of Thirteensomething a surprise visit by playing her character's twin brother and he and Babs reconcile in front of the unsuspecting crew. At the end of the shoot, Buster and Babs reveal that they are really toon rabbits and tunnel back to Acme Acres using Wile E. Coyote's painted tunnel technique.

Babs, at last glad to be home, begins to kiss Buster, but pulls down a shade saving the scene from the censors, telling the viewers that their kiss is private. Plucky asks Shirley if this gives her any ideas, but Shirley kicks him through the shade and into the camera and he tells the viewers to "feel free to change the channel".


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Sasha, Binky Bunny, Bettina Bunny
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Edward, Ralph Kramden
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Taxi Driver
Gail Matthius Shirley the Loon
Rob Paulsen Jason, Theo, Jeraldo
Danny Gans Johnny Carson, Donald Trump
Valri Bromfield Mary Hartless, Fran
Roger Rose David Letterman
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Frank Welker Steven Spielberg, Flint, Makeup Artist, Road Runner


  • Babs: "Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this TV event for the world!"
Buster: "Me nada."
Babs: "We've been looking forward to it for weeks!"
Buster: "You betcha, babe."
Babs: "Thirteensomething!"
Buster (Simultaneously): "Football!"
Buster & Babs: "Huh?"
Babs: "Football?"
Buster: "Thirteensomething?"
Buster & Babs: "I thought we discussed this! We did! We decided on..."
Babs: "Thirteensomething!"
Buster: "Football!"
Babs: "A bunch of hormone-bloated half-wits running around in..."
Buster: "Those stupid, ill-concieved plotlines..."
Babs: "Hoping to run across..."
Buster: "An Emmy nomination for crying on cue?"
  • Babs (lost in New York): "They'll make a TV movie out of this starring Eve Plumb; 'Babs, portrait of a Teenage Toon'!"
  • Babs: "I'm tiny, not toony, I am a human gooney."
  • Plucky: "Yuck! Smells like something died down there!"
Buster: "Yeah, my career."
  • Edward (after Buster comes to Thirteensomething to end an "Endlessly Endless Family Secret"): "This is great!"
Fran: "You are so lost."
Edward: "No, dear, you are lost."
Fran (with hearts in her eyes): "Oh, Edward, kiss me!"
Edward (as Fran wrestles him for a kiss): "AAAAH!"
  • Babs: "I didn't think you missed me.
Buster: "I did. I'm nothing without you. You're my better half."
Babs: "Yeah, but my better half is nothing without your half."
  • Babs: "Thanks for rescuing me! You're my knight in shining armor!"
Buster: "Did you really mean all that stuff about your better half?"
Babs: "Let me show you!"
(Babs grabs Buster and is about to kiss him, but then she turns around to talk to the viewers)
Babs: "Sorry, kids. This is private."
(Babs pulls down a black window shade, then kisses Buster)
Plucky: "Say, Shirl, give you any ideas?"
(Shirley kicks Plucky, whose face leaves a giant hole in the black shade)
Plucky: "Feel free to change the channel!"


  • The title of the episode and the show-within-the-show is a parody of Thirtysomething. The show within the show is a parody of all teen soap opera clichés.
  • Mary Hartless says, "My voice causes seizures!" This is a parody of Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart's voice causing seizures to an epileptic woman in 1991. This was also parodied in the Seinfeld episode, The Good Samaritan.
  • Babs does imitations of Jessica Rabbit, Madonna, sportscaster Howard Cosell, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ed Grimley and Katharine Hepburn.
  • The song that Babs sings on the bus is a parody of the "Theme from New York, New York" originally performed by Liza Minnelli, but later popularized by her godfather Frank Sinatra.
  • The bus driver is Ralph Kramden, a character made famous by Jackie Gleason on The Honeymooners.
  • When Buster says, "I'm like Sonny without Cher! I'll probably become the Mayor of Palm Springs", that is indeed what Sonny Bono of Sonny and Cher fame was doing at the time this episode first aired. He then became a Senator until his death on January 5, 1998.


  • Johnny Carson and Donald Trump are impersonated by the late Danny Gans, who was a long time entertainer on the Vegas Strip until his death.
  • This episode marks the first of two appearances of Fran and Edward, who would make a second appearance in It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special.
  • Babs (as Bunawalskioversmith) breaks the fourth wall and asks how ladies could walk in high-heels, suggesting she can barely walk in them. However, in the Love Disconnection episode segment, The Amazing Three, which aired earlier, Babs walks perfectly when she wears high heels.


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