"Watch TV, Dizzy. Don't read boring, stupid, books. TV is good for you."
The TV Monster
The TV Monster is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. It appears in the Elephant Issues episode segment, Why Dizzy Can't Read. It is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Appearances on The Show

The TV Monster appears in Dizzy's cave, demanding Dizzy to watch it and not read books, also claiming that TV is good for him. As Babs tries to pull Dizzy away from it, Buster unplugs it, powering it down. As it powers down, its last words were, "But Cosby's on next!"

Appearances in Video Games

  • The TV Monster appears as an enemy in the factory levels of Buster's Hidden Treasure for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. While Buster can defeat it by jumping on its head, it defends itself by charging its antennae, which can shock Buster if he tries jumping on it that way.


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