The Santa Anna Barbarians (right) facing off against Hamton, Furrball, and Saul Sheepdog (left)

The Santa Anna Barbarians are minor antagonists on Tiny Toon Adventures. They appear in the episode, The Acme Bowl.

Role in The Acme Bowl

The Santa Anna Barbarians first appear at the beginning of the episode, facing off against Hamton, Furrball, and Saul Sheepdog. Before Hamton, Furrball, and Saul have a chance to make a move, the Santa Anna Barbarians pull out their clubs and whack them into the ground.


  • The Santa Anna Barbarians are parodies of Fred Flintstone from the 1961 animated sitcom, The Flintstones. Their name is also a reference to Hanna-Barbera, the animation studio that created The Flintstones, which is owned by Warner Bros. as of 1996.

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