"Excuse me, little boy, are you having trouble finding your seat?"

"Nope, it's wight hewe."

This article is about the characters.

You may be looking for the episode segment of the same name or the real band of the same name.

The Roches are an all-cockroach girl band who appeared in the New Character Day episode segment, The Roches.


  • Maggie Roche: The oldest and leader of the Roches sisters, she has brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a light purple dress and light purple shoes. 
  • Terre Roche: The middle of the Roches sisters, she has blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and wears a long-sleeved blue shirt with a white V collar, a light green skirt and blue shoes.
  • Suzzy Roche: The youngest of the Roches sisters, she has black hair with a pink bow tied to it, and wears a pink shirt with a open white jacket, black shorts and pink shoes.


  • The Roches are based on the live-action all girl/sister band, The Roches, Even their names and appearance are based on them
  • The Real Roches sisters did the voice of their bug counterparts.

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