The Puffin is villain who appears in the Inside Plucky Duck episode segment, Bat's All Folks. 


The Puffin is a Puffin wearing nothing but a top hat, a monocole, a black bowtie, an umbrella and smoking a cigar.


The Puffin was first seen when Batduck said his name and the names of the other villains in a frightened tone. During the chase, Batduck and Decoy hid in a giant bowling ball, in which The Puffin followed them inside. However, Batduck was shown to be outside the ball and rolled it into 10 bowling pins.  Later, he and the other villains were crushed by the Giant Baby doll and arrested afterwards.


  • The Puffin is is a parody of The Penguin, one of the antagonists of the Batman series.
  • Intrestingly, there was another Villain named "The Puffin" in the late 2000's series, Yin Yang Yo! entitled, League Of Evil.
  • He is one of two Batduck villains who doesn't speak, the second being Polecat Woman.

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