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Octopus pirates

The Octopi Pirates with their boss Gotcha Grabmore.

The Octopi Pirates are a group of octopi who worked under the leadership of Captain Octavius and Gotcha Grabmore. They appeared in the epsiode, Whale's Tales.


They first appear when they capture The Mother Whale but failed to capture her child. They later appear again in the factory, working in a assembly line while chanting "YO-HO". While working, Buster and Babs (disguised as an octopus), change the chanting into a musical number to distract them while trying to save the Mother Whale, only to be discovered by Gotcha and be captured by her. They later appear again when they throw harpoons at the Baby Whale as they try to stop him, only to run away when a group of seagulls attack them. It can be assumed that the Pirates were disbanded after their Captain was captured by Elmyra.

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