The Lobster is a one-time character on Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the Here's Hamton episode segment, Drawn and Buttered. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.


He first appears in a tank at Captain Teneal's Seafood Emporium, where Hamton plans to buy a lobster so he can cook and eat it for dinner. After being purchased by Hamton, The Lobster discovers that Hamton plans to cook him in a pot of boling water, then eat him. While trying to run away from Hamton, The Lobster thinks that Hamton's pot-belly stove is a way out, and covers himself with dust. Hamton mistakes him for a giant cockroach and tries to squish him. The Lobster tries to convince Hamton is a family man by showing him pictures, but Hamton is not fooled; he has the same family, as the pictures came with his wallet. The Lobster escapes and duels with Hamton using only his claws as Hamton is armed with a fork. He pinches Hamton in the butt and Hamton flies out of his house, and then back into his house. The lobster wraps Hamton in his carpet and attempts to leave, only to have Elmyra Duff barge in. She thinks Hamton is being mean to the lobster and decides to take care of him. After being hugged too much by her, The Lobster decides he'd rather be Hamton's dinner tonight than Elmyra's pet for the rest of his life.

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