"Stop! You come one step closer, and I'll set your precious shows on fire, starting with this episode!"
The Little Flame
The Flames are minor antagonists on Tiny Toon Adventures. They appear as the main antagonists of the Going Places episode segment, When You're Hot.... They are voiced by Charlie Adler, Tress MacNeille, and Joe Alaskey.

Appearances On the Show

The Flames were presumably created by the fire in Acme Looniversity, caused by the rocket that Pete Puma lit to teach the students of Acme Loo about fire hazards. The first Flame appears when Buster, Plucky, and Hamton are passing buckets of water to each other. The Flame pours gasoline into Plucky's bucket, thus exploding on Buster and Hamton and scorching their uniforms when Buster tosses the gas from the bucket. The Flame then escapes into Acme Looniversity. Hamton chases after it to estinguish it and corners it in one of the rooms, only to find it standing on the shoulder of a much bigger Flame. Hamton nervously offers the Flames some dry wood, even going as far to eat it himself. The Flames burn Hamton and laugh, then the little Flame travels across Acme Loo, setting things on fire along the way. He then reaches the Wardrobe department, and uses a stand with a dress on it to pretend he is a lady in trouble. Buster sees the dress and tries to save the lady in trouble, only to find out he'd been had by the little Flame, who burns the wooden ladder of the fire engine and causes him to fall to the ground.

Hamton chases the little Flame all the way to the cafeteria, where this time, the Flame poses as a customer, holding a menu, and requesting wood for lunch. Hamton takes the Flame's order, only to realize he'd been had a few seconds later. He rushes back to the Flame and hits it with his axe, only for it to split into two. The two Flames laugh and run away. Hamton chases one of the Flames and corners it at the Tiny Toons Film Library. Hamton is about to extinguish the Flame, only for the Flame to tell him that if he takes one step closer, he will set the shows on fire, starting with this episode (proven when the camera zooms out, revealing them to be on a film strip. When Hamton tries to put the Flame out, the Flame burns the strip and leaves Hamton as a roasted pig on a platter.

Outside, Plucky is trying to open a box that says, OPEN IN CASE OF FIRE, with no success. When the box finally does open after he says, "Open Sesame!", inside are Li'l Sneezer and and a pepper shaker. Buster stuffs the pepper in Sneezer's nose, causing Sneezer to do a sneeze powerful enough to put out the fire and most of the Flames, which by this time, have completely destroyed Acme Loo. Buster congratulates Plucky and Hamton, telling them they'll never see The Little Flame again.

Meanwhile, the Little Flame is near a highway, holding up a sign that says, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. Elmyra finds him and hugs him. The Flame explodes and burns off Elmyra's hair and clothes, leaving her wearing only her panties. Elmyra then says, "Little Flame go bye-bye!"

Appearances In Video Games

The Flames appear as enemies in Buster's Hidden Treasure for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.


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