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The Chief Ant

The Chief Ant is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the You Asked For It Again episode segment, Hold The Sugar.  He is voiced by Frank Welker.


The Chief Ant is shown to be a fat red ant wearing a blue military uniform and has 3 medats on it.


After all the Ants had deliver the sugar for tonight dinner, The Chief Ant encounters The Lone Ant, Who brought home a soy bean. The Chieft Ant told him that Ant love sugar and force Lone Ant to like it. However when Lone Ant rejected the sugar, The Chief Ant was so enraged that he kicked Lone out of the anthill. Later he and the other Ants began searching for more sugar, up to the point where they had found a chocolate factory and began to eat the chocolate. Unfortunately he and the others were captured by the Chocolate Factory Manager, who plans to make them into chocolate covered ants. Just as he and the other were going into their doom, Lone Ant appeared and saved them by tossing lifesavers (candy) into the vat of chocolate. Afterwards The Chief Ant welcome back Lone Ant to the AntHill. Later that day when Lone Ant was giving all of the other Ants some healthy food, The Chief Ant tried to sneak in sugar, only to have Lone Ant stop him. He then tried a bite and began to eat the whole thing.


  • He is the only ant to be able to talk.


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