The Boy in the Orange Hat (left) with Hamton (right)

The Boy in the Orange Hat is Buster Bunny's human disguise that he wore in the Toon Physics episode segment, The Year Book Star.


In his disguise; The Boy in the Orange Hat is shown to be an average-sized boy with brown hair, who wears an orange hat with a white shirt, green shorts, purple socks, black and white sneakers, and big glasses.


He first appears in a old photo where Plucky is shown wearing a dunce cap with Babs holding a sign that says, "Moron" next to him. He later makes a real appearance in the school year book club as he is typing on a computer while Plucky is hatching a plan; to join every school club for one day so he can get more photos. During Plucky's plan of joining every school club, the boy is seen in every picture Plucky and Babs are seen such as; In the Drama Club where Babs puts Plucky in the Electric Chair. Then in the Philosophy Club, where a new photo is taken, this time of him, along with Hamton and Elmyra, after Plucky gets flattened by an anvil. Then, in the Magic Club, where a new photo is taken, this time of him, along with Hamton and Fifi, who are shown at the guillotine when Plucky nearly gets his head cut off.  Then, in the gymnastics club, where a new photo is taken, this time of him with Fifi and Furrball after seeing Plucky having long legs after Babs grabs, tosses, and kicks him as he lands on a balance beam. The next day. at the Photo Count-off, after learning that Plucky and Babs have the name number of photos; 302 each, Hamton then tells them that the judges have recounted the photos, and found out the winner with 604 pictures is the Boy in the Orange Hat, who turns out to be Buster in disguise. When Babs and Plucky find out about this, they decide to put aside their differences and begin beating him up.


  • Fans of the show thought that The Boy in the Orange Hat was a new character on the show.

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