The sad Baby Whale on the Beach

The Baby Whale is a big baby boy whale that appeared in the episode, Whale's Tales. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


The Baby Whale and his Mother were swimming gracefully in the ocean, Until Gotcha Grabmore tried to capture both whales to make her new line of cosmetics. Luckily, the Baby Whale escape the capture, but not his mom. He tried to catch up with her, but it was too late and she was gone. The next day, he was found by Elmyra and was taken home to live with her. When Elmyra put him in her tub, she mistook his spout for a "boo-boo" and tried unsuccessfully to bandage it. He was later saved by Buster and Babs when they told her that cosmetics are made from whales, which caused her to faint. Later, when Buster and Babs tried to set him free, Babs communicated with him (since she can speak whale), and told Buster that his Mother was captured by pirates. Just as he and the bunnies arrived at the factory to save his mom, he shot Buster and Babs into a hole in the factory to free his mom. He was later seen hitting the door where his mother was being held while being surrounded by the Octopus Pirates. Luckily, Buster and Babs were able to open the release valve, letting The Baby whale reunite with his mother and both happily swam back into the ocean, but not before thanking Buster and Babs for their help.


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