Two Stormtwoopers creating a storm on Plucky

The Stormtwoopers are minor characters on Tiny Toon Adventures. They are the minions of Duck Vader, and a parody of the Stormtroopers from the Star Wars franchise. They are voiced by Charlie Adler.

Appearances on the Show

The Stormtwoopers appear in the season 1 episode, A Quack in the Quarks. They first appear after Plucky gets captured by Duck Vader. Two of them are seen securing Plucky onto a table. It is at this time, Plucky asks them why they're called Stormtwoopers. The first one responds by waving a piece of foil, and the second one pours water from a watering can on Plucky. Two more are seen guarding the door when Frank and Ollie believe Plucky is intentionally letting Duck Vader capture him to lure him into a false sense of security. All four Stormtwoopers then witness Plucky about to be sliced in half by Duck Vader's laser, which he plans to use to, in his words, "Bwast Pwanet X into goat cheese". Plucky then says he is allergic to goat cheese and destroys the laser and frees himself with a few Sneezer-type sneezes. After he escapes, the Stormtwoopers fire at him, Frank, and Ollie. Two of them then pull Duck Vader out of the laser rubble and chase after Plucky, Frank, and Ollie, firing at them the entire time. Plucky, Frank, and Ollie evade them by going in an elevator, but when they get to the top floor, the Stormtwoopers are revealed to have been waiting for them and continue to chase after them. After Plucky, Frank, and Ollie manage to evade the Stormtwoopers, Duck Vader tells all the Stormtwoopers to report to the deck of the ship, to prepare to destroy Planet X in two minutes. On the deck of the ship, many Stormtwoopers are seen, preparing to fire a giant cannon-like weapon at Planet X. They are also revealed to have captured Chewcudda, Frank and Ollie's Alien Bull, who knocks two of them out by spitting at them. Ten seconds until detonation, Buster, Babs, Plucky, Frank and Ollie hide in an air vent from above, and Buster uses a can of sleeping gas on the Stormtwoopers, thus making them fall asleep and unable to fire at Planet X. It is unknown what happened to them after Duck Vader's ship was destroyed by the cannon (due to Chewcudda charging at him covered in ketchup and knocking him into his computer, setting the cannon from DESTROY GOOD GUYS to DESTROY SHIP).

Appearances in Video Games

  • Tiny Toon Adventures (NES): Two of the Stormtwoopers appear as secret enemies in the game. If the number of carrots collected in any stage is any multiple of eleven, Duck Vader appears as a boss. The two Stormtwoopers appear to try to stop Buster, but he can bounce off their heads and if done right, can do the same to Duck Vader afterwards.
  • Buster Busts Loose (SNES): The Stormtwoopers appear as enemies in the sixth level of the game.


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