Sphinx with Gogo Dodo on the run from one of Silas' henchmen.

Sphinx is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. She is one of Gogo Dodo's friends who lives in Wackyland. She is voiced by Susan Blu.

Appearances on the Show

Sphinx first appears in the Season 1 episode, Sawdust and Toonsil. She and her friends; a Dragon and Pegasus, have been captured by Silas Wonder and his two minions. Gogo tries to rescue her, but they both end up getting captured, and because they have not been in Wackyland for some time, they begin to fade away. Buster, Babs and Plucky sneak into the circus, as Plucky distracts Silas while Buster and Babs rescue Sphinx, Gogo, and their friends, returning them to Wackyland while outracing Silas' engine. When they return to Wackyland, Sphinx (as well as Gogo, Pegasus and Dragon) regains her magical powers.

Sphinx makes a brief cameo appearance in the episode, Washingtoon, where she witnesses Gogo's tooniness being taken away by the Adults Against Funny Cartoons Chairperson's Toon Logic Extractor machine.

Sphinx appears in the Night Ghoulery episode segment, Night of the Living Dull, where she and her friends, Gogo Dodo, Pen Pal, Private Eye, The Elephant (from the episode, Elephant Issues), and a plunger hide out in a haunted house to escape from dull people.


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