Shamus is a character who makes a one-time appearance on Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the Night Ghoulery sketch, The Devil Dog on the Moors. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Role in The Devil Dog on the Moors

Shamus first appears in the Ye Disgusting Pig Non-alcoholic Juice Tavern, where he and the other villagers listen to Babs singing "The Shingles Song". After she finishes, he applauds her and tells her that it was the best rendition of the song he's ever heard. He then tells Babs that Paddy liked it as well, and offers to buy her a pint of cranberry juice, before Babs decides she needs to catch up with the rest of the Acme Looniversity tour group. He and the other villagers suddenly hear the howl of the Devil Dog, and hide in fear. He gives Babs a pair of antlers to wear and informs her that the Devil Dog won't eat anyone who wears them, thinking they're an elk. He and the other villagers also don antlers of their own, and he tells the villagers that as long they wear their antlers, they'll be safe. When Babs asks him why they're doing this, he tells her the story of when the villagers first heard the Devil Dog's howl. Ten years ago, Paddy first saw and heard the Devil Dog, and was so frightened, he kept saying the word, "Kibble" over and over again, and every time the villagers heard the howl of the Devil Dog, there were fewer of them, because he ate them. He then tells Babs that Sean discovered, quite by accident, that the Devil Dog won't bother anyone wearing antlers. When Babs asks Shamus if the Devil Dog will get in, he tells her he always does, warning her about the signs of his arrival, the howl, and scratching at the door, until he breaks it down. When the Devil Dog does arrive, he is revealed to be Byron Basset. When Babs doesn't believe Byron to be the Devil Dog, Shamus warns her to be still as an elk and not to remove her antlers. Babs still doesn't believe him, and removes her antlers, thus causing Byron to eat her. Inside Byron's stomach, she realizes Shamus was right after all.

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