Plucky and Shirley

The Plucky and Shirley Relationship is one of the many relationships of the series. It focuses on the relationship of Plucky Duck and Shirley the Loon.


Shirley is pursued romantically by Plucky. Plucky is shown to be easily attracted to Shirley, while Shirley is shown not to like Plucky, due to his big ego. There is indication, however, that Shirley is in favor of Plucky, because she and Plucky are better acquainted and Plucky is close friends with Babs, one of her best friends. Shirley and Plucky have gone out with each other several times and they are occasionally depicted as a couple.

Episodes where Shirley likes Plucky

  • Towards the end of the Test Stress epsiode segment, To Bleep or Not to Bleep, when Fowlmouth walks Shirley back to her house, in hopes that she will go to the dance with him on Saturday in return, it is revealed that Shirley already promised Plucky she'd go with him.
  • In the episode, Prom-ise Her Anything, After Gogo announces the prom, in the style of square dancing, Both Plucky and Shirley are seen dancing together, suggesting that they are going to the prom together. Later, at the night of the prom, Both of them showed up together. (With Mr. Duck dropping them off.) Towards the end of the episode, both of them dance in the same way Buster did.
  • At the beginning of the New Character Day double-length episode segment, The Return of Pluck Twacy, Shirley eats a banana and tosses the peel on the floor at the same time that Plucky walks up to Daffy's desk to get his autograph. Plucky slips on the banana peel and gets knocked out. Shirley then sees what happened and asks the knocked-out Plucky if he's okay. She apologizes for tossing the banana peel on the floor and cries for him to be okay. (This, of course, starts Plucky's dream sequence.) Towards the end of the episode, Shirley awakens Plucky from his nightmare. As Plucky tells the class about his dream, he stops when he gets to the part about Shirley's Aura. He, obviously lovestruck, knocks himself out with a mallet so he can get back to his dream and meet her again.

Episodes where Shirley doesn't like Plucky

  • In the Test Stress episode segment, Never Too Late to Loon, Plucky, who has forgotten to study for a math quiz, begs for Shirley to channel Albert Einstein into his brain. At first, Shirley refuses, but after being pestered by Plucky numerous times, she gives in and channels Einstein into Plucky's brain. At the end of the episode, Plucky gets detention because he failed the math test. Perhaps done intentionally to get back at him, Shirley tells Plucky that she forgot to mention to him that Einstein flunked math when he was a kid, too.
  • In the episode, Thirteensomething, a running gag is shown where Plucky tries to make a move on Shirley, only for her to kick him into a wall to stop him.
  • In the episode, The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain, Shirley is not happy when the Ouija board she uses reveals that Plucky is her perfect date.


  • Plucky and Shirley's relationship is loosely based on that of Daffy Duck and Melissa Duck.

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