The Plucky and Hamton Relationship is the best-friend relationship of Plucky Duck and Hamton Pig.


The only character Plucky is able to con is the gullible Hamton. Hamton's kindly nature is constantly taken advantage of by his best friend, Plucky Duck, who can talk him into just about anything. However, when Hamton's patience is pushed too far, he is known for angry fits that surprise the source of his frustration. Occasionally, Buster and Babs try to defend Hamton from Plucky's schemes.

Times Plucky Was Nice to Hamton

  • In the Viewer Mail Day episode segment, Pluck O' The Irish, after Hamton was turned to stone, Bridey told them to leave, but Plucky refuse to leave with Hamton turned to stone, until he could find a way to turn him back to normal, proving that he does care for Hamton.
  • In the Fox Trot episode segment, My Brilliant Revenge!, after Hamton destroys Plucky's bagpipes because his practicing made him miss his favorite show, Swine Search, Plucky vows he will get revenge on Hamton, by sneaking a radio with a Hooked on Bagpipes tape cassette inside, set to go off in one hour. When he arrives at Hamton's house, he sees a note from Hamton telling him to meet him at the park. Plucky imagines that Hamton wants to have a duel with him, and during his fantasy, Hamton apologizes and gives him a new set of Bagpipes. When Plucky remembers the revenge he set up earlier, he rushes to Hamton's house and tosses him out the window seconds before the radio goes off. He then apologizes to Hamton for making him miss his favorite show, only to find out from him that he taped it.

Times Hamton Was Rude or Mean to Plucky

  • At the end of the Strange Tales of Weird Science episode segment, Scentimental Pig, when Plucky got hit by the same chemical that makes anything edible that Hamton got hit by earlier, Hamton tried to eat Plucky the same way Plucky tried to eat him earlier.
  • In the episode, No Toon is an Island, when Babs, Plucky, and Hamton accuse Buster of stealing their shares of the treasure (when it was really the X-Bird), they all fight each other over the treasure.
  • In the Fox Trot episode segment, My Brilliant Revenge!, Hamton is trying to watch his favorite show, Swine Search, when he is interrupted by Plucky practicing his bagpipes for the Acme All-Bagpipe Band. Plucky ignores Hamton after several warnings, and continues practicing. When Hamton misses the Grand Prize Winner, he destroys Plucky's bagpipes.

Times Buster and/or Babs Defended Hamton From Plucky's Schemes

  • In the episode, Hero Hamton, Plucky challenges Hamton to fight Montana Max after school and charges people to see the fight. Buster and Babs remind Plucky that Hamton is his best friend and that he should share all profits equally with him (a deal Plucky backs out on towards the end of the episode by keeping most of the money for himself). The two rabbits decide later to help Hamton train before the fight, with no success, as Hamton backs out before the fight begins. They later substitute for him as The Masked Marauder and Mata Harey, respectively, only to have Monty, with the help of Dizzy Devil and Calamity Coyote, shape them into basketballs and take turns bouncing them around the ring. Hamton remembers Porky's advice that Monty would leave him alone if he were afraid of him, and uses it, as well as Porky's breakaway props to scare the three bullies away and save Buster and Babs.


  • Plucky and Hamton's relationship is based on that of their respective mentors, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig.

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