Time Machine
Plucky's Time Machine
is an vehicle which appears in A Ditch in Time.


The Time Machine appears to be a vehicle constructed by Plucky. It lets everyone travel on the time. It is made from an old sofa, a wall clock, a bathtub and a gas-powered push lawn mower.


One day, the time machine appears in the Plucky's House with its creator: another Plucky Duck. The present Plucky and his future self travel back to Friday, where the present-day Plucky snatches the vehicle to show Buster and Babs, whom he takes to travel through time. However, it malfunctions and takes them too far back. Plucky is jettisoned from the craft and lands in Prehistoric Times, and the bunnies end up in medieval times without fuel. After refueling, the bunnies go to prehistoric times. After they arrive, Plucky snatches the vehicle and travels to present, taking a giant prehistoric Dizzy. But he gets stuck in the water and tries to get the time machine working again. Later Plucky repairs the vehicle and takes Dizzy's gigantic counterpart back to Prehistory. After the friends return to Sunday, Plucky's future self takes back the time machine and disappears.