Pegasus captured by Silas Wonder

Pegasus is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. His only appearance is in the episode, Sawdust and Toonsil. He is friends with Gogo DodoSphinx, and Dragon, and lives in Wackyland with them.


He is captured along with Sphinx, Dragon and later, Gogo Dodo by Silas Wonder, the greedy owner and ringmaster of the traveling circus, Silas Wonder's Wonderful Circus of Wonderment. Silas uses the unique creatures from Wackyland as main attractions for his show. He and the others lost most of their wackiness due to the fact that they have not been in Wackyland for quite some time. Buster, Babs and Plucky help free them, escape from Silas's circus and return them back to Wackyland. where he flew happily and gracefully.


Pegasus after being returned to Wackyland

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