The Monty and Elmyra Relationship is the one-side relationship between Montana Max and Elmyra Duff.


Elmyra has a big crush on Montana Max. She's sure that the reason Monty calls her a "bug-faced little dweeb" is because he's too shy to admit his real feelings for her. No matter how many times her "Monty-Wonty" pushes her away, Elmyra remains convinced that he really feels nothing but undying love for her.

Elmyra shows romantic feelings for Montana Max on several different occasions. Usually in these episodes, Elmyra does not try to chase after and/or capture Buster and/or Babs, showing little to no interest in them or other animals outside of getting their help with snagging Monty for herself. Monty does his best to avoid her at all costs, usually insulting her in the process. Despite this, Elmyra stays smitten with Monty and sometimes even refers to him as her "boyfriend".

Times Monty Was Nice to Elmyra

  • In the episode, Prom-ise Her Anything, after being rejected by Mitzi, Monty went to sit next to Elmyra, and after seeing her crying, even felt sad for her and gave her one of his dollar bills as a handkerchief to cry on. He then apologized for calling her all those insulting names and agreed to dance with her.
  • In the Playtime Toons episode segment, Fit To Be Toyed, while using his imagination to pretend to be a jazz player, Monty has Elmyra in his fantasy, suggesting he might has feelings for her .
  • In the end of the Love Disconnection double-length episode segment, My Dinner with Elmyra, after Elmyra kissed Monty many times, he went back to his limo and said, "I think I'm in love", suggesting he may have feelings for her.
  • In the episode, Sepulveda Boulevard, Monty becomes lovestruck by Elmyra's dancing and asks her if she wants to dance with him. She accepts, and they dance together.

Times Elmyra Was Rude or Mean to Monty

  • In the episode, Sepulveda Boulevard, Elmyra finds out from Hamton that Monty has been plagiarizing scripts, one of which was for her film, 101 Cuddly Puppies Meet Pretty Princess Girl, and that her cartoon isn't going to be made, because the studio wanted to use Furrball in their next film, and that Mr. Cooper DeVille was too soft to tell her the truth. After Hamton comforts Elmyra, Elmyra tells Monty he is a poop and pushes him into the fountain, prompting Hamton to pull the lever and drain it.


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