Monty's imagination (right) with Monty (left)

Monty's Imagination is a minor one-time character who appears in the episode Playtime Toons segment Fit to Be Toyed. He is voiced by Danny Cooksey.


Monty's Imagination is shown to look exactly like Montana Max but only smaller. 


After having all of his toys taken away and his card cut in pieces by his Father, Monty tried to look for any toy he might have forgotten, Suddenly he heard a noise up in the attic, and after aexhausting climbing up the stairs, Monty opened the door to see a smaller version of himself playing with a paddle-ball. The smaller version revealed himself to be his imagination or what left of it, since he hasn't been use since Monty had all those toys.After Monty tried to play with the Paddle Ball, the string and the ball got tied up on him and thought it was broken. But Monty's Imagination told him if he had a imagination, he could pretend it was something else. Afterwards Monty's Imagination then tried to leave but was stopped by Monty and was asked for help. He then climb into Monty's head and helped Monty by telling him what he sees beside the Paddle. Monty then experience the wonders of his mind as he pretend the paddle was a musical instrument when he pretend to be a jazz player,  a club tied to a coconut when he pretend to be a cave man and both a spaceship and a weapon when he pretend to be a astronaut. He appears in the end, when after Mr. Max gave Monty his card back after using his imagination. and when he asks him if he's learned anything about imagination, and Monty tells him, "I'll never leave home without it."


  • Monty Imagination is the last character in Monty's episode where he is shown to be a good guy instead of a villain.

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