Lady May (right) with Hamton (left)

Lady May is a minor character who appears in the episode, Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian during Hamton's cartoon, Fleche de Lard. She is voiced Kath Soucie.


Lady May is shown to wear a traditional purple princess outfit including a cone hat.


She first appears in Hamton's cartoon titled, Fleche de Lard'' (meaning "arrow the lard") where Lord Sebastian tells her he plans to make her his wife, when Hamton (known as "Sir Hamton the Prudent") comes in and defeats him. She and Hamton were about to kiss, only to be interrupted by Buster and Babs, who complain about not being in the cartoon. She is last seen in the background, kissing Plucky while Hamton tells them that this cartoon was his vehicle to stardom.


  • Many fans believe that Lady May is the Tiny Toons counterpart of Petunia Pig.

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