Tiny Toons on Kids WB print ad

The 1997 print advertisement for Kids' WB!, featuring Tiny Toons.

Buster and Babs on Kids WB

Buster and Babs in a Kids' WB! promo for Tiny Toon Adventures.

Kids' WB! was Warner Bros.' American children's programming division brand for The WB Television Network and later on The CW Television Network, originally broadcast from September 9, 1995 to May 17, 2008, after which The CW's Saturday morning programming slot was sold to 4Kids Entertainment to form The CW4Kids (which has since been renamed to Vortexx). Kids' WB! was re-launched as an online network on April 28, 2008.

Reruns of Tiny Toon Adventures were aired weekday mornings on Kids' WB! from September 1, 1997 to September 6, 1999. To promote the series airing on Kids' WB!, new promotional spots starring the characters were made using animation from the show itself, many with newly-recorded dialogue from the voice actors.

In addition to the series' reruns, segments from Tiny Toons were also aired alongside Looney Tunes shorts and segments from Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain as part of the compilation program The Cat & Birdy Warneroonie Pinky Brainy Big Cartoonie Show (later retitled The Cat & Bunny Warneroonie Super Looney Big Cartoonie Show), which ran from January 16, 1999, to September 10, 2000. In-between these two dates, Tiny Toon Adventures itself was dropped from the network's schedule, though one full episode was aired again as part of a special Super Bowl-themed broadcast in January 2000.

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