Voyage of KON DUCKI


KON DUCKI was a 90s animated film made by Warner Brothers,Plucky Epic Pictures,Pluck Productions,and Plucky Duck Films.


It starts at the explorers club, where Pluck Heyerdahl is holding a meeting. He tries to explain that his ancestors never flew to from Yap to Salinas, but sailed there. Everyone else dis-believes him, so to prove him and his sidekick Koom-Bye-Ya sail there in 21 days, building a ship with only the material that his ancestors used in 1977.

The crew gets stuck in the middle of sea. When Captain Pluck says the winds will pick up soon, Pluck ends up frozen with his finger raised high for 9 days.

Pluck opens a door at the bottom of the boat, whitch causes it to sink and over flow. Pluck Dogers in the 24th and a 1/2... I mean Captain Pluck, and Koom-Bye-Ya empty the ship.

Suddenly a huge ship comes across them.

On day 18, Sweetie and Koom-Bye-Ya are in serious danger. They both are watching a Mickey Mouse cartoon. Pluck says " otter terror takes a lot of different forms, ok!"

On day 19, the oceans start to push the crew around.

A huge storm arises, but th-th-th-that's not all folks! They get sucked into a whirlpool! But, the whirlpool bring them to Salinas.


Plucky Duck as Pluck Heyerdahl Hamton J. Pig as Koom-Bye-Ya, Pluck Heyerdahl stunt double Sweety. as herself

Voyage of KON DUCKI

Voyage of KON DUCKI is based on the book Kon Ducky.

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