Hawk Loon is Shirley the Loon's superheroine alter-ego. she is an parody of the DC Comics superherine, Hawk Girl. She is a member of the Just-us League of Supertoons.


She first appears in the New Class Day episode segment,The Just-us League of Supertoons, when Superbun introduces her second, and she captures the eye of Batduck, who tries to make a move on her, but she rejects him and sends him into the wall with her wing. After learning that Batduck doesn't have any super powers, she and the other league members rejected him, only for Wex Wuthor to appear and plan to use his super-power transfer belt to suck all of their powers. After Wex is defeated, Hawk Loon and the other heroes cheer for Batduck.


 Flight: As seen when she first appears when Superbun introduces her.


  • She is one of two female supertoons to catch the attention of a male hero, the other is Scentenna.

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