Happy the Cow is a happy cartoon cow that appeared in the Going Places episode segment, Slaughterhouse Jive. He is voiced by Joe Alaskey.


After Buster and Babs take Monty to the Montana Max Merry Meat Factory's Screening Room, where he is strapped into a chair, Babs puts on a flim called, How To Make A Hamburger, which stars Happy the Cow. Happy then tells the viewers that he wants them to eat him, telling them that, as a Grade-A High-quality Heifer, he will do anything for them. He demonstrates to the viewers that in order to make a hamburger, you need a cow. Obviously, he is the cow to be made into a hamburger, as he is tossed into a meat grinder. Most of the stuff that is shown to make him into a hamburger is shown off-screen to the viewers, but not to Monty, much to his horror. Happy later appears again as a talking hamburger and says, "That all, folks!" at the end of the film.


  • Even though Happy is male and is portayed as a cow, in real life cows are female while bulls are male.

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