Furrball alone

Furrball's Dream is one of the many continuous running gags of Tiny Toon Advetures. It centers around Furrball and his Dream of founding a proper home


Being born a alleycat, Furrball never knew the life of living in a house. so he would travel the streets, even in the rain, to found a home.

Times he would found a home (temporarily)

  • In the first segment episode of Furrball Follies entitled K-9 Kitty Furrball first found a home with a nice near-blinded couple name Lloyd and Bernice who only took him in because they thought he was a Dog and that they hated cats. But when they got their glasses, They see Furrball and kicked him out.
  • In the second segment entitled Cross Country Kitty When he finally a home with Mary Melody  but was told not to eat Sweetie Bird and even tries to break him of that habit by taking him with her to Florida on vacation. After few trips back and forth while trying to eat Sweetie, Melody decide to take him home, where after seeing Sweetie and the dogs.Furrball runs away back to his cardboard box in the alley. 
  • Another example was in the episode How Sweetie It Is segment Let's Do Lunch where Elmyra found him in the streets and agrees to give him a home with a nice warm bed in front of the fireplace and fate would have it, he encountered Sweetie again and this time Elmyra threaten to kick him out if he ever tried to eat her. During the rest of the segment Sweetie tried numerous attempts to get Furrball to eat her but with no chance, until until Tweety tells her that cats have less than average intelligence. If she tells cats to do something, they won't do it. She has to tease and taunt Furrball in order to get him to eat her in which did and got Furrball kicked out. However he did get a piece of payback when Sweetie was kicked out for almost eating bookworm and was eaten by Furrball in the end, only to spit her out.
  • The next example was in the episode A Cat's Eye View segment Homeward Bound (which is also known as themost emotional episode of Tiny Toons) where, During a rain storm, Furrball walked the streets wet and encounters The Rich Little Girl and the Kitten home, where he befriended the Kitten, However both the Kitten and the Rich Girl's parents refuse to let Furrball stay due to them thinking he may have fleas. After being kicked out, Furrball befriend a Poor Boy

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