Fowlmouth and Shirley's Relationship is one of the many relationships of the series. It focuses on the one-sided relationship between Fowlmouth and Shirley the Loon.


While Fowlmouth is shown to be easily attracted to Shirley, Shirley is turned away from him due to his crude behavior. Whenever she does go on a date with him, she gives in because of his insistence. There is also indication that, despite his big ego, Shirley is more in favor of Plucky Duck, due to the fact that she and Plucky are better acquainted with each other and have gone out with each other as a couple several times. Not to mention, Plucky is also close friends with Babs Bunny, one of Shirley's best friends. Ironically, Plucky and Fowlmouth have not appeared together in Shirley's particular episodes.

Episodes Featuring the Fowlmouth/Shirley Relationship

  • In the Test Stress episode segment, To Bleep or Not to Bleep, Fowlmouth is shown to be easily attracted to Shirley and wants to ask her to the dance on Saturday. Unfortunately, he has a terrible swearing habit, proven when he drives Shirley away when he tries to ask her out. When Buster discovers that Fowlmouth refuses to swear in front of babies, he decides to exploit it by carrying around the three babies that he and Fowlmouth saw playing in a sandbox when they passed by it, so he can pull them out whenever Fowlmouth is about to swear. With Buster's help, Fowlmouth proves to Shirley that he can walk her to her house without swearing, and asks her if she'd like to go to the dance with him. Shirley tells Fowlmouth he's sweet, but she already promised Plucky she'd go with him. Just as it seems that Fowlmouth is angry and is going to let out the biggest curse ever, he stops himself, says, "Rats. Maybe next time.", and thanks Buster for helping him.
  • In the wraparound to the Love Disconnection double-length episode segment, My Dinner With Elmyra, Shirley attacks Fowlmouth when he tries to make a move on her.
  • In the direct-to-video movie, Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation, while Fowlmouth is shown to be cured of his swearing habit, he is still somewhat pushy and rude, especially in movie theaters. He asks Shirley numerous times if she'd like to go to the movies with him, and at first, Shirley refuses, but she eventually gives in at his insistence. She is disgusted when Fowlmouth gets "free food" by bumping into the other customers and having them spill their food on him. The movie they see is Skunknophobia, a movie that Fowlmouth has seen a hundred times before, and will not shut up through. Like the other customers, Shirley cheers when the characters from Skunknophobia kick Fowlmouth out of the theater for talking excessively.

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