Fifi's Mistaken True Love is one of the many continuous running gags of Tiny Toon Adventures. It centers around Fifi La Fume and her mistaking a boy animal for a boy skunk.


Like her Mentor, Fifi would mistake a boy animal of the opposite sex to be a skunk due to having a white stripe on their back. But unlike her Mentor, she doesn't have a specific love interest (In the Classic Looney Tunes cartoons Pepe has Penelope), so she would fall in love with any victim who is mistaken for a boy skunk.

Fifi chase her "True Love"

  • In the Furrball Follies episode segment, Aroma Amore, she mistakes Furrball for a boy skunk because he has a white stripe on his back (put there by an Acme Street Painter truck). She begins chasing him all over the city, appearing in places that no one would suspect, such as hiding in the water fountain or even on a ferris wheel ride.
  • In the Dating, Acme Acres Style segment, Love Stinks, she mistakes Calamity Coyote for a skunk due because he is covered in black tar and has his back covered in white chicken feathers (which kind of makes him look like a common skunk, but with a shorter tail). She appears before and after his attempts to capture Little Beeper (Such as having a remote control to reroute Calamity to her when he is in the Acme Jr. Jet, and when she mysterouisly appears inside the Acme Zap Trap

Times when the boy feels sorry for Fifi

One interesting note that unlike her mentor, who also seems to get the girl (whether she likes it or not), both boys seem to find a way to make themselves look like they normally did (for Furrball, it's painting his back with blue paint and for Calamity, it's using a lot of Tar Remover).

After they do this, she appears and see the boys for who they are, and asks them if they saw her true love(s), to which they shake their heads "no". After seeing Fifi walk away sad and crying that she's alone. In both segments, both Furrball and Calamity feel sorry for Fifi, as they both think she doesn't deserve to be sad, and come up with a idea that will work to both of their advantages.

  • For Furrball, he uses Black and White paint to paint The Alley Cats into looking like boy skunks, so Fifi would chase them instead.
  • For Calamity, he whistles to get Fifi's attention when Little Beeper falls in the tar pit and she mistakes him for a skunk.


  • In both episode segments, Furrball and Calamity were both voiced by Frank Welker.
  • This continuous running gag might represent the old expression "Love is Blind?"
    • it means when you truly in love with the person you're in love with, but for only their appearance and not what they really are.
  • Both segments each take place in different time.
    • ​Furrball was being chased by Fifi during the night time
    • Calamity was being chased by Fifi during the day time
  • This is by far the shortest continuous running gag of Tiny Toon Adventures.