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ACME Looniversity Students

  • Zelda Blackkat: A sorceress student and Furrball's love interest.She lets Furrball stay at her house.
  • Zack Blackkat: Another magic-using student and Zelda's little brother.
  • Randall Raccoon: A despairing raccoon who uses black magic and is attracted to Mittens the Cat.
  • Mittens the Cat: A Gothic Purple Cat who prefers the darkness and Furrball's little sister. For an unknown reason, she hates Sylvester and Shirley the Loon.
  • Serenity Coyote: Wile E. Coyote's daughter, and also Calamity's girlfriend.Serenity is mostly friends with Kia Runner.
  • Cam Coyote: A camera-wielding coyote who wants to make a documentary.She is Serenity's little brother.
  • Chaos Coyote: Calamity's little brother who wants to be Wile E's second protege.
  • Pandora Coyote: Calamity's elder sister who graduated from ACME Loo.
  • Crianssa Coyote: A South American coyote in love with Chaos Coyote.
  • Eli Dan "E.D." McLoon: Shirley's nephew who lives with her. His father was her brother, who, along with his wife, were put back into the ink bottle.
  • Bentley Badger: A shy but book-smart badger who is Chaos' best friend.
  • Bitty Badger: An enthusiastic badger.Her love interest is Bentley Badger
  • Runner Siblings: 12 children of Roadrunner. 7 are boys, 5 are girls.One of the girls,whose name is Kia,has a crush on Little Beeper.
  • Pablo Platypus: Beeper's machinist amigo.
  • Connie Condor: An orphaned green condor who hailed from Germany.Her soulmate is Concord.
  • Wilbur Owl: The young 13-year old doctor of ACME Looniversity.
  • Kuku Dodo: A yellow female dodo who was frozen for 400 Years
  • Lester Lynx: A student modeled after Pete Puma
  • Lacey Lynx: Another student modeled after Pete Puma, and is Lester Lynx's girlfriend.
  • Hendine Leghorn: Foghorn's daughter, and Fowlmouth's girlfriend.
  • Jaden Jaybird: Heir to a candy factory, a former Perfecto Prep student, and Sweetie's boyfriend.
  • Alice the Mouse: An underconfident mouse who has connections with Sneezer.
  • Stripe the Skunk: A lovey-dovey skunk who is Living with Fifi.
  • Guitar Possum: A rock-n-roll possum who dreams of having her own all-possum band.She is also Banjo Possum's Love Interest.
  • Maurice Cat: An Anthropomorphic Cat based on Penelópe Pussycat.He is romantic,smart,and wears a bowtie.
    Ladies Cat by Furrball Fan 716

    Is romantic cat

    Maurice is friends with Buster,Babs,and Plucky.Maurice is black and White,has the personality of Penelope.Maurice appears in season 4 "if any".
  • Flopsy Rabbit: A shy, orphan rabbit that is 5 years old. She is tannish, wears a grey torn T-Shirt, one yellow mitten on her right hand, some boots, and a grey skirt. Her catchphrase is "Yep! Yep! Yep!" (In reference to Ducky from Land Before Time) She gets bullied by Montana Max, and is voiced by Tara Strong..
  • Fred Feline: A white,anthropomorphic cat who's crazy about soda pop.A sure sign of his soda craze is that he's almost always seen with a soda bottle in his hand.Fred enjoys racing and dreams of becoming a racing champion.Fred's favorite food is tuna and Franklin Feline is his twin brother.

Perfecto Prep Students

  • Reginald "Reggie" Cyril Raccoon: A former ACME student wrongfully expelled (But escapes punishment by escaping ACME and going to Perfecto) and holds a grudge against Professor Sylvester. In one story, Reggie is dating Margot Mallard after she broke up with Danforth Drake and Reggie is also depicted as Rachel's half-brother. In another story, Reggie is single and is depicted as Rachel's full brother. In both fanmade stories, Reggie is able to use magic, most notably elemental and shapeshifting magic. In Season 14's Finale, It is revealed that Reggie is Sylvester's Second Son. (Furrball's Counterpart)
  • Rachel Roni Raccoon: In one story, Rachel is depicted as Reggie's half-sister and is dating Danforth Drake after he broke up with Margot Mallard. In another story, Rachel is single,and is depicted as Reggie's full sister. In both stories, Rachel is able to use magic, most notably offensive spells,some elemental and some non-elemental, and healing spells. (Zelda Blackkat's Counterpart)
  • Bert Staten Badger: A street-smart badger who has a major in Home Economics and enjoys Football. He does not mind looking after his little sister Bitty after school. (Calamity Coyote's Counterpart)
  • Bernice Tandy Badger: A book-smart Badger who enjoys reading fiction and fantasy. She wants to become a Novelist to gain popularity and work her way up the Perfecto Chain. (Serenity Coyote's Counterpart)
  • Pierce Takuma Platypus: A red platypus with a expertise in pyrotechnics and can secrete poison from his backfoot.He is also a Garbage Collector and Pablo's Older Sibling. (Little Beeper's Counterpart)
  • Polly Aster Platypus: A Violet Platypus who wants to make as good a resume as possible. (Kia Runner's Counterpart)
  • Orville Lynne Owl: A rock and roll horned owl who almost always wears sunglasses to protect his light-sensitive eyes.He is Wilbur Owl's elder sibling. (Concord's Counterpart)
  • Olivier Taylor Owl: A heavy metal fan of the guitar who doesn't mind going to ACME to perform rock n roll songs.She is secretly friends with Connie Condor. (Her Counterpart)
  • Kenneth Howard Kiwi: A blue-billed kiwi who is the best ice-skater in Perfecto Prep. However, he is also the weakest of the Perfecto Prep original characters. (Gogo Dodo's Counterpart) Giselle Swan is Kenneth's girlfriend.
  • Kira Marcel Kiwi: A kiwi who enjoys tampering with ACME Loo's sports gear and is Kenneth's sister. (Kuku Dodo's counterpart)
  • Anton Cole Antelope: A dark-brown antelope who wants to live in nature while in Perfecto Prep.He doesn't mind helping his fellow classmates cheat in games. His opposite is Lester Lynx.
  • Amber Ishtar Antelope: The self-proclaimed fashion disaster of Perfecto Prep.As a result,Amber disdains the other Perfecto students' fashion.Amber dates Edgar Elephant of Perfecto Prep. Her opposite is Lacey Lynx.
  • Porter P. Peafowl: A blue peacock (Twin brother off Penny Peafowl) who considers himself the most gorgeous Perfecto Prep student. (Opposite of Fowlmouth Rooster) Kira Kiwi is his girlfriend.
  • Penny G. Peafowl: A green peacock who would help her friends physically, but not academically. (Her opposite is Hendine Leghorn) Her boyfriend is ACME Looniversity's Wilbur Owl.
  • Palmer Rochester Penguin: An adelie penguin born in Antarctica.Since middle school,he's been an old friend of Orville Owl and has enjoyed trying to fly. (His Opposite is Jaden Jaybird.)
  • Phoebe Juneau Penguin: A fairy penguin who was born in Tasmania's coastline. She's also Palmer Penguin's love interest. Her father was a rockhopper penguin.Phoebe wants any room she enters to be as cold as the arctic.
  • Leslie La Perm: A brave Irish skunk who has time control powers and can attack with his tail and odor. He has also taken magic lessons from Raccoons, and has many different spells he can use. He loves to fight, and enjoys dueling. He also has several grappling moves he can do with his tail and can even use it as a propeller in water and can fly with it. He is in love with Fifi La Fume (His counterpart), who is also in love with him.
  • Martha Mink: A female,white,anthropomorphic mink with a blonde tail and blonde hair on her head.She looks just like Minerva Mink except Martha's hair is bound in a ponytail,her eyes are brown,and she's a few inches shorter than Minerva.Martha is a skilled Tennis player and dreams of becoming a Tennis champion.Martha is against cheating and is usually nice to others.Martha's favorite food is watermelon and her normal outfit consists of a black tank top,black short pants,and black shoes.This is also her tennis outfit.
  • Franklin Feline: A male,black,anthropomorphic cat and Fred Feline's twin brother.Like his brother,Franklin is crazy about soda pop and is almost always seen with a soda bottle in his hand.Franklin is against cheating and is usually nice to others.Franklin also takes delight in messing with the Swan Dancers.This is because he holds a grudge against them for something they did to him three years ago.Franklin's favorite food is salmon.

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