Elmyra's Cruelty To Animals is one of the many continuous running gags of Tiny Toon Adventures. It centers around Elmyra and her inadvertent cruelty to any caged/helpless animal she can get her hands on.


Unlike her mentor, who merely hunts animals for sport, Elmyra chases after animals to make them her pets. Elmyra's abuse to animals is almost always inadvertent, though. She loves animals, but doesn't really know how to properly take care of them, and is honestly confused whenever the animals she means no harm to object to being put in too-small cages, bathed via near-drowning, and other overly-affectionate acts of kindness.

Times when Animals stand up against Elmyra

  • In the episode, Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow, Buster, Along with Babs, Furrball, Tyrone and Fifi devise a plan to teach Elmyra about pet care by dressing up as bunnies (excluding Buster and Babs) and pretending to send her to the Planet of the Bunnies, where they say that on this planet, Humans are the pets. When she is returned home, she assumes that it was all a dream, but then she encounters four rabbits that look like Buster. Upon seeing them, she then runs screaming down the street, saying she doesn't want see another bunny for a long time.
  • Throughout the The Wide World Of Elmyra episode segment, Go Fetch, Elmyra plays fetch with Barky Marky by tossing the ball in places that land Barky in bad predicaments. At the end of the segment, he has had enough and chases after Elmyra with a tennis ball machine (which had malfunctioned and attacked him moments earlier when he tried to retrieve the ball).

Times where Elmyra is nice to Animals

  • In the How Sweetie It Is episode segment, Let's Do Lunch, when Elmyra sees Furrball out on the street, she offers to let him be her pet and stay at her house, where she'll give him a nice, warm bed by the fire, and feed him all-white tuna, under the condition that he doesn't try to eat Sweetie Bird.
  • In the Going Places episode segment, Slaughterhouse Jive, Elmyra is horrified when Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton turn into giant sausages by a machine, and pulls the lever that sets the machine to reverse, which turns them back to normal.
  • In the Fox Trot episode segment, Can't Buy Me Love, when Rhoda Queen demands that Elmyra hand Furrball over to her in exchange to be her best friend, Elmyra refuses to give up Furrball, as she loves him and tells her she'd rather lose a friend like her than give up her pet. Near the end, she is seen petting Furrball gently while telling him about their friendship.
  • In the A Cat's Eye View episode segment, Little Dog Lost, after successfully managing to stay away from Elmyra in favor of The Kindly Lady, Byron Basset feels guilty when Elmyra walks home sadly, and remembers the day he first became her pet; when Baby Elmyra chose him (sleeping a short distance from his family) over the rest of the (more lively) litter. He also remembers the good times they had together, such as when they used to play fetch together, and when she used to rub his stomach. He thanks the Kindly Lady for taking care of him by licking her face, and reluctantly runs back to Elmyra, who is overjoyed to have him back.

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