Duke Pluckius (voiced by Joe Alaskey) is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. He is a fictional Character that was thought up by Plucky Duck.Who appears in the episode Toons Take Over.


Duke is shown to be a anthropomorphic duck, wearing 17th century clothing.


He was first thought up by Plucky ,Along with Buster and Babs, who got tired of doing comedy. He was first imagine when a archer launched a arrow on fire to him but he catched it in time, only to have his hand burn. He later appears in the middle of the cartoon where he swong from on top of the boat and take Daphne away from Lance. During the Battle when Duke took out his sword, pulls out twin rocket launchers and sank the ship. While the ship was sinking, Daphne fainted again and fell in the ocean, with Lance telling Duke he catched her the last time.


  • In the cartoon Dawn of Despair, Duke represent Shakespearean Drama genre.
  • Duke Pluckius might be base on Daffy Duck character The Scarlet Pumpernickel in the 1949 cartoon with the same name.

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