Dizzy Devil's Prehistoric Ancestor

Dizzy's Ancestor

Dizzy Devil's Prehistoric Ancestor is a one-time character and the ancestor of Dizzy Devilwho appeared in the episode A Ditch in Time. He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche,


He is shown to resemble his descendant, but also shown to be the tallest one of all the prehistoric ancestors.


After Plucky told Monty's prehistoric ancestor to leave, he orders dizzy's ancestor to eat Plucky, However that plan changed when he and Plucky returned back to Acme Acres in the present day. after arriving, Dizzy's ancestor decided to check out Acme Acres, only to gain the attention of Elmyra, who plan to capture him and make him her pet. While in the city, Dizzy's Ancestor tires to destroying Acme Acres, only to have Elmyra capture him at a construction site, where he lands in a pile of quick-drying cement. Elmyra washes him with water from a fire hydrant, and he hardens. Later after Plucky fixed  the time machine, Dizzy Ancestor appears (after escaping both the cement and Elmyra) he begged Plucky to send him back and agreed if he promise to be good, which he agreed and both him and Plucky returned back to the past.

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