Danforth and Margot in The Acme Bowl

Danforth Drake and Margot Mallard are minor characters on Tiny Toon Adventures. They are a young, snobby duck couple who attend Perfecto Prep in Acme Acres. Danforth is friends with Roderick and an unnamed male horse character, and together they play sports for Perfecto Prep, usually competing (and cheating) against Acme Looniversity. Margot is a cheerleader for Perfecto Prep along with Rhubella and an unnamed female cow character. Danforth and Margot are voiced by Rob Paulsen and Katherine Soucie, respectively.

In The Acme Bowl, Roderick and Danforth use Margot to seduce Plucky as well as promise him enrollment at Perfecto Prep for the Acme Loo football playbook, provided Perfecto wins the game (which they end up losing anyways as Plucky double-crossed them).

In The Wacko World of Sports, Danforth and Margot (in shorter stature and a different hairstyle) appear in the "Bleacher Bummer" segment.

In the Son of The Wacko World of Sports episode segment, In Buster at the Bat, Danforth is a baseball player for Perfecto Prep. In Acme Acres Summer Olympics, Margot appears alongside Rhubella Rat as the competitors for the synchronized swimming event. They are up against Acme Looniversity competitors, Babs Bunny and Shirley the Loon. Although Margot and Rhubella are much more successful at the event, Babs gets the medal for some reason.

In the Viewer Mail Day segment, Out of Odor, Margot appears in a girls basketball game between Perfecto and ACME.

Appearances in Video Games

  • Tiny Toon Adventures for NES: Danforth appears in the game as a flying enemy.
  • Buster Busts Loose for SNES: Danforth appears alongside Roderick Rat as an enemy in the football level. Both he and Roddy are shown in their football attire.
  • Scary Dreams/Buster's Bad Dream for Game Boy Advance: Danforth appears alongside Roddy as an enemy in the game. He is once again shown in his football attire.


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