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The Daffy and Plucky Relationship is the Teacher/Student relationship between Daffy Duck and Plucky Duck (Also No Relation).


As you know, Plucky Duck is a younger counterpart version of Daffy Duck. Daffy is shown numerous times trying to help Plucky out in some situations but their plans failed at times. Occasionally, Plucky tries to Rescue Daffy from trouble. Sometimes Daffy is shown getting annoyed at Plucky, but not that much.

Appearances of Daffy & Plucky Together

  • In the episode, The Looney Beginning, Plucky is impressed when he sees Daffy emerging from Spotlight Stealing class, carrying a literal spotlight. Daffy then tells Plucky that despite his height, he will teach him how to spray his spittle the way he does, demonstrating by covering Plucky in his spittle. Plucky then asks the viewers if anyone has a shammy.
  • In the episode, Animaniacs!, Daffy is one of the judges for the Acme Looniversity Film Festival, a job that Bugs won't let him object to. Around the same time, Plucky, who has just learned about animation from Buster, is working on his film, The Plucky Duck Story. Like Bugs and Porky, Daffy is none too pleased with most of the films. However, when Plucky shows his film, which has now been shortened thanks to Shirley's 17-and-a-half-hour-long film, Song of the Loon, Daffy, Bugs, and Porky are impressed with the film due to its short runtime and declare Plucky the winner. They reward him by having him take animation class over, since he missed it the first time.
  • In the episode, Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?, Plucky and Hamton attend Bugs Bunny's award ceremony. They are the only ones seen cheering for Daffy when he appears onstage. When Daffy is framed and arrested for the crime of kidnapping Bugs and stealing his Shloscar award (which Sappy Stanley's robot copy planted on him while the real Stanley knocked out Bugs), Plucky is the only one who knows that Daffy didn't swipe Bugs' Shloscar. He and Hamton try unsuccessfully to rescue Daffy by disguising themselves as ninjas. They are put in the same cell as Daffy, who ungratefully tells them, "Nice try, nin-jerks!". Plucky then tells Hamton that next semester, he's getting Foghorn for his mentor. At the end of the episode, when Stanley is arrested, Buster forgets to set Plucky, Hamton and Daffy free, and they are all stuck in prison making license plates with Stanley.
  • In the New Character Day episode segment, The Return of Pluck Twacy, Daffy is telling the class one of his stories as the world famous detective, Duck Twacy. Plucky is impressed with the story and goes up the classroom to get his autograph. However, he slips on a banana peel that Shirley carelessly tosses on the floor, and gets knocked out, then starts dreaming that he is Pluck Twacy. When Plucky is being tickled by Ticklepuss in his dream, he asks the viewers what his hero, Duck Twacy, would do in a situation like this. Daffy then appears in a circle and tells the viewers, "Remember, crime-swatters, what goes around comes around!" This gives Plucky the idea to inflict excruciating, agonizing pain on himself, so that he'll be in so much pain, Ticklepuss won't be able to tickle him. He does so by hitting himself on the head with a hammer repeatedly.
  • In the Animaniacs episode, Video Review, Baby Plucky appears on the cover of The Mighty Ducks, and says, "I'm the mightiest duck of all! Daffy then appears and tells him, "Says who, you diaper-clad upstart?". Both ducks then get blown by the plane from Top Gun into a cauldron on the cover of Duck Soup, and Groucho Marx appears and says, "Say the secret word, and the ducks come down."

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