Buster and his Mentor

The Bugs and Buster Relationship is the Teacher/Student relationship between Bugs Bunny and Buster Bunny (No Relation).


As fans of the show know, Buster is the young protege of Warner Bros.' most famous cartoon star, Bugs Bunny. Bugs would sometimes help Buster (along with his friends) when they are in trouble. Other times, Buster (along with his friends) would help Bugs when he's in trouble. Occasionally, Bugs would be angry at what Buster for what he did that seems to be unforgivable.

Times Bugs helped Buster and/or his friends

  • In the episode, The Looney Beginning, Bugs is able to help with the creation of Buster when he tells The Animator that having a rabbit as the main protagonist of the new cartoon series he's working on would be a great idea, as he was the main protagonist of Looney Tunes, thus inspiring him to create Buster Bunny (along with Babs Bunny). Later, Bugs appears out of his picture when Buster and Babs decide to give up after Monty stole all of the scripts for the show, and when they plead and beg on their knees for his help, Bugs takes a paintbrush and paints in Acme Looniversity, telling them that the school will help them by teaching them the old classics, such as disguising themselves as Monty's heroes, Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd, to get the scripts back.
  • In the The Buster Bunny Bunch episode segment, Buffed Bunny, when Bugs sees Buster being bullied by Arnold the Pit Bull, he helps him by telling him that a muscular body doesn't matter, as brains beats brawn every time. He then gives Buster some advice on hot to get back at Arnold, and encourages him by telling him he loves his show. After Buster is returned to the cartoon, Bugs tells the viewers that Warner Bros. paid him to say that.
  • In the episode, Prom-ise Her Anything, After Buster tries to dance Bugs' famous dance moves from the cartoon, Hot Cross Bunny in front of the whole school, with no success, Bugs saves Buster from embarrassment by telling everybody that Buster made a new dance craze and starts dancing like him (even though he created that dance first). Buster thanks Bugs, and asks how he can repay him. Bugs tells him to swipe one of Daffy's routines next time.
  • In the Looniversity Daze episode segment, The Learning Principal, after Buster finds out that The Great and Powerful Principal of Looniversity is really a machine controlled by Bugs (the same way a man controls the machine in The Wizard of Oz), Bugs tells him that sometimes students need motivation to help them pass their classes, and that he isn't working hard enough and needs to improve his performance. He gives Buster some advice on what to do, and when Buster returns to Yosemite Sam's class, he continues to pull pranks on him, thus receiving an A in Class Clowning 101.

Times Buster and/or his friends saved Bugs

  • In the episode, Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?, on the night of his awards ceremony in Paris, Bugs is knocked out by Sappy Stanley, whose cartoon, Which Way to the Arctic? lost the Shloskar award to his cartoon, Knighty Knight Bugs. He kidnaps Bugs, forces him to watch marathons of his cartoons, steals his Shloskar, and spray-paints a fake award to frame Daffy, as Daffy has always been jealous of Bugs. Buster vows that he and his friends will not leave Paris until they find Bugs. While Plucky and Hamton try unsuccessfully to rescue Daffy, Buster and Babs work as detectives to find out who the real culprit is. Towards the end of the cartoon, when Stanley is defeated and arrested, they find Bugs, tun off the camera, and untie him. Bugs thanks them for rescuing him, and they tell him it was no trouble, as he would have done the same for them.
  • In the Tiny Toon Music Television episode segment, Top Secret Apprentice, Buster sees Bugs using a machine that can make episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures by putting the characters from the show in different situations. When Bugs leaves, Buster takes control of the machine and uses it to place himself in different adventures, one of which involves him as a caveman battling a hungry T-Rex. When Bugs returns, the T-Rex tries to escape from the machine and eat him. Just as he is about to, Buster saves Bugs by unplugging the machine, thus powering it down and erasing the T-Rex.

Times Bugs got angry at Buster and/or his friends

  • At the end of the Tiny Toon Music Television episode segment, Top Secret Apprentice, Bugs is not happy with Buster when he finds out he was playing with the machine that can make episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures and angrily points at him to leave. Before he does, Buster says to him, in the only spoken line of dialogue in the cartoon, "I suppose this means I don't get an A in the course?".
  • In the episode, Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian, after Buster and Babs' money get stolen by a thief, Buster reveals he has an Acme Express gold card. When Babs asks how he got it, as she didn't think they gave them to kids, Buster tells her they don't, and that he borrowed it from Bugs in case of an emergency. When Bugs watches the show, he checks his wallet and is not happy when he finds out that Buster borrowed his Acme Express card without his permission. At first, Buster and Babs aren't worried about the expenses they charge to Bugs' account, but towards the end of the cartoon, they are preparing to star in their next cartoon, Buster and Babs Go to Mars. Buster is reluctant at first to star in the next cartoon, because he hates flying, but then Bugs appears and wants to talk to him about the expensive credit card bill he got in the mail. Buster and Babs board the rocket ship to escape paying him back.
  • The wraparounds of the episode, Best of Buster Day revolve around Bugs wanting to talk to Buster about his permanent record, including the report he got from vice-principal Yosemite Sam, and about how Buster mainly acts in his own interests. The third episode segment, Class Without Class revolves around Bugs telling Buster to be enemies with Dizzy Devil (as he and Taz were enemies in the Looney Tunes shorts), but Buster is reluctant, as Dizzy is his friend. Bugs tells Buster that being enemies with Dizzy is the only way for them to pass his class. Towards the end of the cartoon, when Buster and Dizzy reveal that they faked their own deaths, at first it sounds as if Bugs is angry with Buster, but then he tells him he couldn't be more proud of his performance.

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