"I'll eat a bucket of scorpions if I don't give you the business!"

Bicycle T. Bob is a one-time character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He is a con artist bicycle salesman and the main antagonist of the Son of The Wacko World of Sports episode segment Buster's New Bicycle. He is voiced by Pat Buttram.

Appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures

Bicycle Bob appears in the Son of The Wacko World of Sports episode segment, Buster's New Bicycle, as the main antagonist. He airs a new commercial, advertising his new bicycle emporium. His motto is, "I'll eat a bucket of scorpions if I don't give you the business!" Buster decides to buy a new bicycle, as it's the 90's now. His old bicycle, who acts like a dog, isn't ready to part with him yet.

At Bicycle Bob's, Bob shows Buster his 30-year extended warranty, as well as the newest bicycle model. He shows Buster a demonstration of the new bicycle model by taking it for a test drive. Bob makes a deal, that if Buster trades in his old bicycle, he will get a $10.00 discount. He tells Buster that he will save more money trading in his old bike for a new one than just fixing the old one himself. He also cons Buster into buying the deluxe package, including steel-belted whitewall tires.

As Buster rides his new bike home, it falls apart. Buster decides to talk to Bob about the 30-year warranty. What Bob didn't mention earlier is the 30-year-or-30-yards warranty, whichever came first, and Buster drove the bike more than 30 yards. He rips up the warranty, and Buster decides to get revenge.

Buster disguises himself as a commercial director to shoot Bob's commercial. In the commercial, Buster makes him read the lines that describe who he really is, a con artist. Bob disapproves the lines and demands that Buster destroys the film. Buster tells him that it is live, and everyone can see it now. He takes Bob to his service department. Buster poses as himself and asks Bob if he can fix the broken bike he sold to him. Bob unsuccessfully attempts to repair the bike, and gives Buster his old bike and his money back. Bob claims, "I'll eat a bucket of scorpions if I don't give you the business," and since Bob didn't give Buster the business, Buster makes him eat a bucket of scorpions.


  • Bicycle Bob's appearance is a parody of car dealer, Cal Worthington, who would later be parodied more directly in the Histeria! episode, Loud Kiddington's Ancient History.

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