Babs' Burrow is a flower-ringed burrow in Acme Acres. It is home to Babs Bunny, her mother, Mrs. Bunny , her father, Mr. Bunny, and her dozens of younger siblings.

Places In this house

Babs' Escape Hatch - Prom-ise Her anything and Cinemaniacs! episode segment Superbabs Where Babs Is Seen in her Clothes.

Living Room - Rainy Daze Episode segment Bunny Daze and How I spent my vacation Where Babs is seen as a baby.Her Wacky Highness,Fields of Honey,Acme Cable TV and Thirteensomething where Babs is watching her tv With Buster.Prom-ise Her Anything and The Acme Home Shopping Center Babs Talking On the phone to Harriet.

Bathroom - Rainy Daze 'Episode Segment Bunny Daze Where Babs is on a Bathroom Turning Into Babzilla Form.

Hallway - Rainy Daze 'Episode Segment Bunny Daze Where Babs is seen Wearing a robe.

Stairway- Prom-ise Her Anything and Thirteensomething where Babs comes Down.

Bedroom - Thirteensomething Where Babs packs her clothes.

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