The Acme Lil' Superstar kit is an Acme Product that appears in the episode Playtime Toons segment Happy Birthday Hamton.


The  Acme Lil' Superstar kit is design to created the Illusion for one to be a superstar, complete with a platform, a giant sign that said "SUPERSTAR" and robotic arms that gives the user flowers and applauded them.


While searching for a present for Hamton, Babs found kit and test it out. After purchasing it Babs, Along with Buster and Plucky, refuse to give their new toys away and decide to give Hamton one of their old ones. For Babs it was her first Pogo stick. However after seeing Hamton playing with it, Babs, Along with Plucky and Buster ,rush home and decide to give their new toys for Hamton.

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