The box

The Acme Jet Powered Pogo Stick is an Acme Company Product that was purchased by Calamity Coyote in the It's Buster Bunny Time episode segment, Bag That Bunny.


The Acme Jet Powered Pogo Stick is shown to look like a normal Pogo stick, but with two bulit-in jet rockets in the bottom.


After making the deal to capture Buster in exchange for Elmyra giving him her allowance, Calamity purchased the Pogo stick and used it to bounce all the way to the top of the tree where, Buster is reading a book for his report. Just as he was about to capture him, the Pogo stick ran out. Calamity made a few attempts to start it back up again, but to no avail, as he crashed into the ground and the pogo stick exploded.


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